SFP Family

SFP Family

GPON OLT 1016-OT is high density 1U pizza box, it adopts the advanced technology and Broadcom ASIC chip. 1016-OT is fully compliant with ITU-T G.988 GPON standards, can interwork with different types of ONU from different vendors. It is based on the mature and robust Giga OS software platform from Giga Telecom system has high reliability and stability. 1016-OT supports network management via CLI and SNMP, with good user interface, easy to operate.

1016-OT provides the highest GPON port density in 1U box in the industry, which has 16 ports GPON, 2 ports 10GE or 8 ports GE uplink. Single GPON port can manage 128 ONUs, one equipment can manage up to 2048 ONUs. The device is easy to install and commissioning, minimising operators’ investments, it is the best suitable for service provider to deploy GPON based FTTH network.


    • The box is using high quality flame-retardant material (ABS + PC), it has good salability and weather resistance, which can be wall mounted, pole mounted in indoor or outdoor environment; 


    • The protection class is IP55;


    • The dedicated fixing set is used to fix optical drop cable; it would make sure that pull-out force is no less than 200N after the drop cable is fixed;
    • Reliable armored optical cable to inlead, fixing, stripping protection and grounding;


    • The box in small space occupation, which make sure enough bending radius to cable installation;


    • It applicable to installation for 24 fibers splicing protection tube;


    • The reverse door design, the inside space of box are fully used, enough space for bend radius. It’s convenient to reserve appropriate space to redundant fiber and fiber routing;


    • The box can load a 1x16 cassette type PLC splitter, or two splitters in smaller type than 1x8 cassette type PLC splitter (like 1x4,1x2 cassette type splitter);


    • Splicing in pull-out way is applicable;

    Switching Capacity:

    60 Gbps;


    PON Interface:

    16 ports GPON;


    Uplink Interface:

    2 ports 10G (SFP+) or 8 ports GE;


    Power Supply:

    1 plus 1 AC: Input 100~240V, 47~63Hz;

    1plus 1DC: Input -40.5V~-72V;


    Power Consumption:

    Normal Temperature: 88W;

    High Temperature: 105W (50∞C);




    487mm*340mm*44.5mm (With hanger);



    Working Temperature: -5∞C~50∞C;

    Storage Temperature: -40∞C~70∞C;

    Relative Humidity: 10%~90%, no condensing;