Mini Type PLC Splitter

Mini Type PLC Splitter


PLC splitter is based on silicon dioxide waveguides, which is used to connect main equipment and terminal equipment in EPON, BPON and GPON network.

Micro Type PLC Splitter provides a low cost, small size and high reliability of optical branching solution. It not only retains compact structure of bare fiber optical divider and ribbon branch ceramics optical divider, but also directly leads to Φ 0.9 mm pigtail and provides connectors, it is the ideal choice for applications in small size conditions.


    • Qualified with CE certificate and ROHS certificate;
    • Comply with GR-1209-CORE, GR-1221-CORE, YD/T 2000.1-2014 and IEC criterion;

    • Housing size;
    • Tube diameter, material, color;
    • Parameter(IL, RL and etc);
    • Fiber;
    • Connector;
    • Pigtail length;
    • Number mark for input and output;