SKU: 1730-4GW

1730-4GW is a GPON-technology-based gateway ONU designed for home and SOHO (small office and home office) users. It can provide broadband Internet access for emerging network services. 

1730-4GW is designed with one optical interface, four Ethernet ports, and 2.4GHz WiFi. The optical interface is compliant with ITU-T G984.X and ITU-T G.988 standards, and meets FTTH requirements. The four Ethernet interfaces are 1GE speed rate, which allow simultaneous use by multiple users. 

1730-4GW supports standard OMCI, can provide up to 1.25Gbps uplink and 2.5Gbps downlink high-speed transfer rate. It is an ideal terminal solution for FTTX deployment.


    • Meets FTTH requirements to provide high-speed Internet access and voice service;
    • Compliant with ITU-T G984.X and ITU-T G.988 Standards and compatible with mainstream OLT in the industry;
    • Supports DBA (Dynamic Bandwidth Assignment);
    • Supports uplink and downlink bidirectional FEC (Forward Error Correction);
    • Supports powerful QoS function to meet the needs of different business types ;
    • Downlink speed up to 2.5Gbits/s and Uplink speed up to 1.25Gbits/s;
    • 4 x GE rate, full/half duplex self-adaption;
    • Supports IGMP Snooping and controllable multicast;
    • Supports power off alarm and data encryption;
    • High integration chip is adopted - a single chip integrates PON and gateway modules, which is efficient and energy saving;
    • Wi-Fi router with a maximum coverage distance of 100~300 meters is provided;
    • Supports Bridge or Router Mode or mixed working mode. Under Router mode, static configuration of multiple working modes such as IP address, DHCP and PPPoE are Supported.
    • High-speed forwarding can be realized by NAT function, which enables multiple users to share 1 public IP address to realize internet access;
    • Supports DHCP server function, which facilitates users to configure the network;
    • Linux-based operating system ensures stable and smooth operation;
    • Supports TR069 protocol and be with comprehensive and detailed network management, as well as the web interface which is easy and simple to operate;
    • Built-in firewall function, MAC address-based black and white list filtering, uplink and downlink based three-layer filtering rules creates a safer network for users;
    • Concise and clear indicator light status enables quick and accurate fault location;
    • Supports remote firmware upgrade of the device, which allows easy maintenance;
    • Small size and light weight makes it easy for new installations and upgrade existing network.


    4 x GE port, 1*PON port


    Power Supply

    DC 12V 1A


    Operating Temperature



    Operating Humidity

    10%~90% (non-condensing)