Embedded DC Power System - THE48100 1U

Embedded DC Power System - THE48100 1U

SKU: THE48100 1U

THE48100 1U is an AC/DC embedded power system with Excellent performance such as high power efficiency, intelligent battery management,remote management, wide range of AC input voltage, etc. The system can configure 2 pieces of 1U 50A high rectifier modules, and provides 100A rated current output. THE48100 canbe embedded in 19-inch rack or cabinet.


Application Scenarios


Wireless base station;

Transmission network;

Communication network of enterprises;


    1U rectifier: high density, high efficiency, excellent high temperature performance(full load @ 50°C);


    Wide operation temperature range of embedded power from -40°C to 65°C;


    Hot-swappable rectifiers provide easy installation and maintenance;


    Standard installation structure design, adapt to various scenarios;


    Compact design (only 1U in height), saving space and installation cost;


    Excellent rectifier dormancy function helps increase system efficiency;


    Intelligent battery management and protection help to prolong battery lifespan;


    Support environmental signal monitoring and remote management through dry contact, serial interface or Ethernet interface (options);


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