1x2 FBT Coupler

1x2 FBT Coupler

FBT is a bundle of two or more fibers together and melt draw on the tapering machine, and real-time monitoring splitting ratio changes, splitting ratio to meet the requirements after the end of the melt draw, one end of an optical fiber to retain (the rest cut) as the input end and the other end is long on the road output. 

FBT (Fused Biconical Taper) Coupler adopts unique material and fabricating process (coupling and packing) to make sure low loss. It can realize flexible connecting according to different splitting ratios and wavelength for single window, double window and triple window.


    • Low IL and PDL;
    • Compact size to narrow apace;
    • Different splitting ratio available;

    • Wavelength;
    • Tube size, material, color;
    • Parameter(IL, RL and etc);
    • Fiber;
    • Connector;
    • Pigtail length;
    • Number mark for input and output;