Fast Connector tye-O SC-UPC & SC-APC

Fast Connector tye-O SC-UPC & SC-APC

SKU: ST1805000201

In FTTH, optical drop cable should wind its way through the wall pipes, but the cable length in each house is different , traditional patch cord becomes very difficult to meet the FTTH requirement. Elite filed installation connector(Elite FIC) can fully meet the custom’s need, it can be installed in field, no epoxy, no power, and only with1 minutes. The most important is that it can guarantee optical performance.


    • Elite FIC, Provide the superior performance;
    • The quickest operation, without any housing assembly;
    • Adopt the US matching gel to ensure the FIC life more than 20 years; 

    APC in Blue ST1805000201

    APC in Green ST1805000202



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