155Mb/s SFP Optical Transceiver with DDMI 20KM

155Mb/s SFP Optical Transceiver with DDMI 20KM

SKU: TH-155Mbs 20KM SC

Hot Pluggable, 1310/1550 SFP with SC Receptacle, +3.3V 20KM


    Single Mode bi-directional Transmission;

    SFP Multi-source Package with SC Receptacle;

    Up to 155Mb/s Data Links;

    Hot-Pluggable Capability;

    Single +3.3V Power Supply;

    Isolation > 30dB, Cross Talk < -45dB;

    Metal Enclosure, Excellent EMI & ESD Protection;

    Monitoring interface compliant with SFF-8472;


    Real time monitoring of:

    Transmitted optical power;

    Receivered optical power;

    Laser bias current;


    Supply voltage;


    Compliant with BelSCore TA-NWT-000983;

    Eye Safety Designed to Meet Laser Class1, 

    Compliant with IEC60825-1;

    Compliant with Specifications for IEEE802.3;

    RoHS Compliant;


    • Fast Ethernet;
    • SDH/SONET ;
    • WDM Application;